Our last day of Kindergarten!

…WOW, I am still trying to let that sink in. There are 14 FIRST GRADERS ready to take on the world. It’s such an overwhelmingly emotional concept to take in as all you wonderful parents can imagine. I truly am so, so proud of each and every one of these students and it warms my heart to think back and reminisce of all the wonderful memories and fun-filled learning that had taken place this year. They have taught me so much and I am forever grateful for their amazing hearts that have also filled me with so much joy. Thank you parents for being absolutely amazing, supportive, and caring; it has been an honor working with you as well. I hope we can stay in touch as your children will always hold a very special place in my heart forever.

I hope you all have an amazing summer enjoying the sun, pools, oceans, swimming, exploring, digging, investigating, getting muddy, playing in the rain, reading, and learning! LEARN. LAUGH. LOVE.


Yesterday we had a fun-filled last day that involved a lot of outside time, popsicles, picnic lunches, and field day!

Discovering a baby grasshopper: Nymph

Picnic lunch outdoors

Field Day!




Wednesday, May 29th

We have quite the group of gymnasts in this class. Building up there gross motor skills and ready for what 1st grade has in store in the fall. I have been taking each and every moment in and soaking it all up as each one of these children hold such a special place in my heart. 6175BB64-59D7-4E6D-ABFA-2D469DE706BB38848F3F-017A-4F9C-B7AE-4777E9D60F9C77AA17DB-B446-40F9-A7A7-6013889AD3378C82FD8D-5D72-4552-9F1C-AE4A04D1226F

A BIG thank you to Von’s mom for donating fun t-shirts for the students to decorate and sign so they will always remember the amazing year Kindergarten brought them! C9EAE491-41D7-4B98-8EC2-593089A45CA23BA8DBA7-C978-40B4-83BC-6A0E26B5CA51967DFCD9-F342-4B5B-8D4A-ADE193F9501E1E53AF2C-02E8-405D-A619-C0F7C5CBD523E47C6582-DD54-4C5E-AFEF-CBB734AAED71

Miss Bee graced us with her presence during our last Genius Hour by performing Princess and the Pea followed by some sock puppet making. Each child will be bringing theirs home today :). B2D9F883-199F-4C07-B4B5-756E8660988810DB621B-CE13-44C3-BD88-DDC7416EE741F831BE36-0278-486D-9E30-5E025B7C3D50

Wednesday, May 22nd

The Kona Ice Truck came to Discovery today, and oh was it wonderful on this warm afternoon!

Everyone enjoyed every last drop! I tried to get pictures of everyone, but some had already finished their snow cone treat by the time I got to them ;).


Just hanging out and enjoying the view :).


Tuesday, May 21st

Thank you to all that were able to attend the award ceremony today. What a wonderful, heartwarming, and emotional morning to say the least!

Unit of Inquiry:

When we got back to the classroom we got straight to work on creating our biome boxes for our Summative Assessment. Thinking we would need quite a bit of time, I figured we could work on the boxes each day this week. Everyone got to work and loved creating items for their box. We ended up spending over an hour cutting, taping, coloring, labeling, you name it! The classroom was a glorious mess of hard work from every single student. I am so proud of them! 84691787-B388-4069-BAC0-65515819B6882562F389-ECD3-4AC7-89C5-71E541575716FA63C705-1BA2-4FB4-9C8D-C3F1D7A9F9447A0A5079-D079-4E55-A7CF-F5EE649789947DB9B539-DE96-4C44-836E-E5C9FA4151039B6E3C5D-25B1-4B78-B5AA-93CED7965FD46EBABAEB-A94C-4FDC-BEE8-7038A6EEB2E6


I snuck into the art classroom this afternoon to take a sneak peek at the latest and greatest piece. They are working on cityscapes with a twist :). C7D19847-C22F-49BD-A153-4142B6EEC7EDB8BEDB92-433A-4A59-85AE-CDA3B54C0DD3BB33BD1C-BE0A-43A1-995F-284215DF1AA018266405-F7AB-416A-8B41-16C212D57676C72650C9-D9CA-4259-8B11-322349A781308E56A0EE-DF10-4F5F-A846-B46C5F7F542C8E972B9A-01C7-465E-94CD-3C3746A414C2

Happy Friday, May 17th

Morning Activity:

We came in the classroom and built with some 3-dimensional shapes!77DE98C5-F4D0-4C2A-8E91-DEFE3790C0D7

Building the longest domino track is what most look forward to attempting. 88A91CF2-5AAA-4A08-8FA6-170430CC81729FDCB7AF-D690-43B7-ABEE-2C3CB4228EA9



What I get when I say: “On three, all of you jump as high as you can. 1.2.3…” ;).


Finding “Goldipedes” otherwise known as golden colored centipedes :). 

Daily 5:082B5DF8-B768-4C82-B028-1E256D3DEA832FA69770-C06C-4079-96F0-5B0617888DC50AD4C6EE-7583-45A5-BEAE-BBF94CEDE8CD29F4849B-2181-415D-86C5-208B1354B457504A1C5A-DFD1-4306-A5B0-EE5BBF87902B3C04DE2E-95E1-4ABC-83FC-67D3AB515FB388F4F78A-02AD-4B98-8B85-A2A2EEBF32335DBFE258-D5F4-4676-A00F-1FD1301C6DE006BA29F2-3059-4847-9ECB-E2998990E6836A9460D0-F98B-415A-AEB5-A56B6048FEBC

We may have just built the longest track ever!A2DB7918-E976-4EEB-8B9D-D8A44CCDEC71D8EFCFC9-EA4A-442B-B0A7-CD79B046291DB5C494E5-7E91-4CE7-B9A5-026908A2A9B0

Chuck-E-Cheese came to our class for a visit and handed out stickers! 98F7C5A2-F7A8-4F14-8373-A3DECF8E67B41FA41644-F7D9-4855-9EA2-B8B892FDD094

Thursday, May 16th


Yesterday, we reflected about the wonderful time we had at the zoo by drawing our favorite habitat and writing what we liked best about them. 2013A306-7F47-458D-B498-EA5E30AA484A1CD4402B-D544-43FD-9CF7-6FEBF8E3C78E4A5D1469-88E3-4BBF-B2AD-BF38A8A56884D47712D9-1AE6-4114-A451-06F8692E4A52B37034A2-49DC-4C82-A781-D5862221B293

Enjoying reading with a partner outdoors on the playground. F11742EF-0520-4F46-8A0F-5DAB8C8708D3EABB1999-763F-416B-8EFE-D1B05005386DAC250C1D-73F1-4346-91F0-C8412F008A50B7396F64-AE2B-4184-8B14-D7E36C7D18462ECCACE8-E829-4B44-97A5-4268436A45E5E14FD6FC-E5D2-4D76-B6E5-41B24985CE3F

Daily 5: 3D255CDE-8150-444D-8925-5A99693D89A3D96E638D-07DC-4866-BDA7-9C932B795276AFF26CC3-AA2B-4BCB-BB64-8DD4CCA6FA3AD7D4909C-3D94-4CDE-B0F5-EC78557E15A9

What a GREAT day at the Columbus Zoo! May 15th

What a fantastic fun-filled day spent at the Columbus Zoo. The weather was absolutely perfect and we all had an amazing time exploring the many different animals along with their beautiful habitats that help them to flourish in captivity. Thank you to you all! 🙂

Moving forward, as we only have 11 days of school left, we will be focusing on our summative assessments for our current IB unit. Using what we have learned thus far in our unit on animals, habitats, life-cycles, and adaptations; as well as what we have been able to explore today at the zoo; students will be able to brainstorm and decide on an animal and habitat they would like to use for their biome project for their summatives. We will continue to investigate various habitats and their classifications to better assist students in making their decision for their biome box.

Columbus Zoo

A quick trip to the “farm.”


We met two camels: Goober(left) and Dirty Steve(right). They were so adorable!AF311984-D0CF-4702-8FB0-0DC5DACC4DDB

We even got to ride them!69005C3B-1F30-4596-A08A-EE85EC0DBBE4


We were so close to the brown bear, I just wanted to snuggle him!E9C732A4-5A00-4E4F-A05F-8D00B76E7234D5192168-9C78-43D8-AE09-54EB7AB2522E787FDFE9-FAB7-474D-9D8B-5FBACCF5295A

The aquarium habitat was a wonderful sight. The touch pool, sharks, and plentiful beautiful fish were so fascinating! 36F4D6A8-FAF9-4715-8523-6DF6B75BC54A28DCC729-2DDC-43D2-B75A-6C1CD4FCD789

Such an impactful message.02B2C456-C005-4259-B1D6-97D883FCC674692477DD-0523-4346-AF0D-E04EBFAEB6461657CC57-A602-48C0-962E-0F408C589940BE714AEF-B68C-405A-B224-168DC23B5766BEDE7301-A923-44E5-B722-C11DCC1F55D7